Ground transportation

Our comprehensive and efficient logistics and transportation process solutions for meeting the needs of our customers, ad the expectations of our shareholders, employees, suppliers, strategic allies and the community in general.

Massive Load - Semimassive

We have a transportation service for consolidated loose cargo with other merchandise from and to ports and borders of the country, which allows us to meet the service needs of several clients in a single office.

Exclusive Cargo - Express

Within our vehicle fleet we have loyalty vehicles such as turbo trucks, simple trucks and mule tractors, ready to fulfill deliveries in record or express time, taking into account the commitments made with our clients in timely and timely deliveries. Consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo.

Handling of dangerous loads

Thanks to the experience of our highly specialized personnel and our technological and physical infrastructure pillar, we advise and manage the design and implementation of logistics solutions that allow our clients to improve their processes, reduce costs and increase their productivity, exceeding their expectations.

Oversized Cargo

For a long time, we have accumulated vast experience in the transport of cargo that requires special handling such as outstanding or extra-sized merchandise, also counting within our loyalized fleet of vehicles with equipment that meets the requirements and regulations of the transport ministry for this class of mobilizations.

Distribution and Last Mile

We have a modern platform infrastructure from where we carry out urban and national distribution transport.

  • Track deliveries

    Manage in real-time, the status of your waybills and your proof of delivery.

  • Route optimization

    Plan your work with our team.

  • Process efficiency

    Analyze and execute actions to improve your distribution logistics.

  • Focus on the end customer

    Notify your customers, via email or SMS, about the status of their deliveries. To end customers

Additional services

Decontainerized in Port

Our officials in Cartagena and Buenaventura have sufficient experience for the removal of containers, their unpacking and the subsequent return of empty units to ports.

Storage, Enlistment and Packaging

Within our service strategies, we have expert business associates in the storage, preparation and packaging of all kinds of merchandise, which allows us to provide a more comprehensive and timely service to our clients.

Satellite Padlocks and Safeguards

About Us

It is a company dedicated, since 2011, to national and international road freight transportation activities.

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